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The birth of WABAM

The onomatopoeia (the fancy name for the classic batman fight words) comes from a story I heard at a camp fire.  It goes something like this. A dude walks into a doctors office because he is having issues with his southern states. The doc listens as he's telling his story and from experience has a fairly good idea what to expect when he is shown what's behind curtain number one. With trepidation Mr. patient reaches down for the reveal, pulls out the effected piece and… WABAM.

When I finally stopped laughing I thought sometimes that happens when I'm riding. (No I don't mean random dudes showing their elephantiasis parts). I mean when you roll off a cliff and it’s a bigger drop than you expected, you finally take that triple, the Gram Jarvis pivot turn is finally mastered, or you come up short on a landing… WABAM. Be a legend.

WABAM concept 2WABAM concept 3

While working on the graphic I quickly realized the challenge of having a long tagline, the rider, and emphasizing WABAM. To solve the problem I decided to split the elements for a two hit tee. Doing this gave me the real estate to dial in all the elements. On the front I pushed the onomatopoeia concept, and added the "Batman" starburst. On the back I arranged the words to give the feeling of a balanced stacked rocks with the rider popping the front wheel up to clear the obstacle. Look closely at the rider to see the signature lightning bolts on the number plate and the DS logo on the side shroud.


Front Graphic

WABAM front

Back Graphic

WABAM back



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