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The birth of adrenaline

So one of my riding buddies is taking a couple year break from Adrenaline to serve a higher purpose. Sometimes when I talk to him he acts like he's going thru rehab and it's literally going to kill him.


This tee is in honor of him and all the other adrenaline junkies in the world that have to step away and are dealing with the withdrawal. My hope is the tee will bring to light how serious of a problem adrenaline addiction can be.


Thru the design process I played around with a few variations of the phrase- "adrenaline is an addiction", "adrenaline addiction is real", "adrenaline addict", and ended up going with "Adrenaline is a drug". 


Here are some of the iterations I went thru on the path to the final version.


For the final design, I was set with the typeface and decided to keep the graphic simple. The composition is a rectangle and will look good across the chest. Notice the plunger of the syringe evolved into a dirt bike grip, and the DIRTSLAYERS logo is cropped in a way to give the feeling that it is being squeezed thru the needle. The drip coming out of the syringe is suppose to look like high octane race gas.





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