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The birth of pop A wheelie

It's amazing how many instructional videos are on youtube on how to pop a wheelie. It proves you can wheelie just a bout anything including a vintage tractor. Being such an important skill in the motorsports world I needed to add my twist. Hopefully people find the graphic punny, and those that don't get the joke, the shirt is properly named.

So how does one  graphically illustrate Papa Willy?

According to Wikipedia "Papa is a word used in many languages as an affectionate term for father". While living in Italy I learned that the Catholic word for the Pope is Papa. That was my starting point (without being sacrilegious, or disrespectful). I experimented with a more classic serif typefaces and a few different compositions.

I really wasn't feeling it, then it hit me. Papa Johns.

I guess the Italian translation for Papa John's Pizza is Pope Johns Pizza.

I really like the distortion of the text and the overall shape of the logo. To finalize the graphic I refined the hat, changed the spelling of Willie so it fit better, and added a few details to pull it together.

I liked how the skull guy turned out so much that i did a full color version. Someday he might end up as a sticker.


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